What the … This 2-year old Toddler is The World’s Youngest Alcoholic!

What the … This 2-year old Toddler is The World’s Youngest Alcoholic!

Usually, our parents would give us a tiny little sip of alcohol when we were little kids so as to make us think that the bitter taste would make us hate drinking liquor at an early age.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case for the 2-year-old toddler named Cheng Cheng, from China’s Anhui province, who indulged instantly on alcohol after tasting a speck of wine on his father’s chopsticks when he was just 10 months old.

Even so, he drank down an entire bottle of beer just before his first birthday.

Even though his parents have tried to drive him off of alcohol and offered milk and juice instead, little Cheng Cheng would cry until he’s given some wine or beer.

Photo credit from http://elitedaily.com/news/world/beyond-terrible-worlds-youngest-alcoholic-2-years-old/643570/.

Photo credit from http://elitedaily.com/news/world/beyond-terrible-worlds-youngest-alcoholic-2-years-old/643570/.

His mother, Cai, said in a statement,

His eyes are always on the alcohol bottles. We can only try their best to store the bottles in a place which is not seen by him.

According to reports, the boy seems to have developed a high tolerance on alcohol because of early consumption, and he just drinks for the taste. As a proof, as he is known around the town as the “Little Winebibber,” he can easily gulp down a bottle of beer in just a matter of minutes, without displaying any signs of intoxication after.

Her mother said she can’t take Cheng Cheng to parties or community festivals, as he will eventually cry when he sees someone drinking.

As sometimes he is really noisy, we have no options but let him to try a little bit of wine.

Inspite of this, Cheng Cheng’s parents are deeply concerned in his health and their own reputation. Cai said,

We will not let him drink or touch alcohol anymore as we afraid that it will affect his growth.

Local pediatricians are alerted by this and says that the child’s body is still not developed enough, let alone handle alcohol. They reported that the boy has most likely already taken several years off his life.


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