This Safeway Bus Driver Could Have Caused Several Accidents Today

This Safeway Bus Driver Could Have Caused Several Accidents Today

Traffic, especially on EDSA, continues to become more chaotic  each day. Aside from this horrific traffic situation in Metro Manila, is the lacking of driver’s discipline. Like the buses that pose extreme threat because of the size and weight.

Screen cap from Facebook video

Screen cap from Facebook video

A dismayed concerned netizen named Gaby Herbosa shared her sentiments on social networking site Facebook regarding a ‘crazy driver’ of Safeway Bus she encountered while driving along EDSA. The video was uploaded last June 15 at 8:00pm went viral and in just 4 hours after uploading it to Facebook, the video was already shared 2,133 times.


Screen cap from Facebook video

This video shows a Safeway bus going back and forth across four lanes, swerving on a medium traffic along EDSA.

Here’s the story on Herbosa’s post on her facebook account:

I don’t usually post these kinds of things but this crazy driver could have caused several accidents today.

5:50 PM, EDSA Northbound (Santolan area)

On the way home from school, we saw a Safeway bus go back and forth across the 4 lanes on EDSA. It cut in front of us almost hitting our car then swerved back on to its original lane. It then cut again in front of the Innova in front of us almost hitting it as well. It then swerved back again on to the lane it was originally on. What we caught on video was what happened after. It continued on swerving back and forth recklessly. What’s in the video is a mild version of what the bus driver had initially done. We reported it to the nearest MMDA officer and showed him the video. Unfortunately, all he said was that it wasn’t his problem. I honestly don’t know what’s worse, the crazy bus driver or the MMDA officer who said it wasn’t his problem.

(*In the video, you see the Innova trying to cut in front of the bus. At this point, the driver of the Innova was already trying to “fight” the bus driver.)

To all the people on the road, stay safe.

Here’s the video posted by Gaby herbosa on Facebook:

Safeway Bus is the only bus company who passed the random audit for compliance with road worthiness and safety regulations conducted by the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) and the Land Transportation Office (LTO) last February 1, 2014.


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