Ten Ways to Spot Social Climbers Online

Ten Ways to Spot Social Climbers Online

Let’s admit it, a lot of people love compliments and social media has been one way to get them for some us.

Thus, photos of food, clothes, faces and even bodies– all things that we can brag about are posted on social networking sites. Now, people has begun pointing fingers who are social climbers and who are not. This even brought attention to a meme that I bet you’ve stumbled upon one time:


But this is answered by another theme that says:


But do we really have a clear understanding what makes a person a social climber? Does it go with a certain brand like this?


Take these few points to spot the people who take advantage of social media in order to promote themselves and fit in a social class that they are trying to climb.


1. Taking photos of clothing lines when malling yet they won’t buy from them.
2. Taking photos while engaged in an expensive hobby, claiming that it is their hobby though they’ve done it only once.
3. Taking photos while using different amenities in expensive places.
4. Taking pictures of expensive food in fine diners before eating (or not).
5. Posing with clothes tried in dressing rooms, yet they didn’t buy.
6. Using accessories that they deem expensive even though they don’t match their overall get up.
7. Having penchant for class A imitations of luxury items like bags, shoes, eye wear and perfumes, then post them as if they’re from somebody abroad to give the hint of authenticity.
8. Taking pictures of houses or condo units that are not even theirs.
9. Putting on as much expensive make up testers as possible, then takes a selfie while plugging the brand.
10. Posing beside cars in a parking area without disclaiming that it isn’t theirs.

The list would go on.

If you will notice, most of these are done also by people who simply want to capture a rare moment such as spotting a house that you would like to own someday, or a racing car that had been your long time dream, or a once in a lifetime chance to gain access in a five-star hotel, or dining in a place where stars would flock, etc. But what makes social climbers different from persons who simply want to document special events in their life?

Social climbers claim it as their life style even if it’s not. And take note that life style isn’t achieved overnight. It is filled with routines, regular occurrences, and common preferences that comprise one’s personal choices on how to live their life. If somebody has this kind of lifestyle, these would be so common to them that they won’t bother documenting; because it occurs often anyway. Social climbers try so hard to fit in a social group they keep on chasing, thinking that they can fool netizens with their ridiculous display of pretense.

Are you a social climber? Do you know one?

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