“Magkita Tayo sa Korte”: Traffic Enforcer Gives Wrong Ticket And Rudely Refuses To Correct It

“Magkita Tayo sa Korte”: Traffic Enforcer Gives Wrong Ticket And Rudely Refuses To Correct It

A few hours ago, Elcid Lao, a concerned motorist, posted his encounter with a traffic enforcer at Diosdado Macapagal Blvd.

Here’s the video of Elcid Lao’s experience:



“Hope you guys can help me out. It’s about a traffic enforcer who issued me a wrong traffic violation and insisted of not changing it even though he’s aware.

I was driving at the second lane turning right. Then suddenly an officer called my attention. He informed me that I violated road signage since 2nd lane must go straight instead of turning right. So I just told the officer to issue me a ticket and kept saying that he could have just have given my license through bargaining but I insisted.

Left turn is never allowed in that area. Even though the map with the road signage shows that left turn is allowed. Remember, I violated “Turning Right” through 2nd lane.

Here’s what I was trying to contest. The ticket shows that my violation was Code S17 – Obstruction Failure to apply signal light upon turning left. Clearly it was really different from the one he told me earlier. I politely asked the Police Officer to have it changed. His answer was really the most impolite and dumbest I have ever heard from an officer.


screencap of the ticket issued

Check out the video I recorded while talking to him.

Hope someone can help me retrieve my license and let this officer learn his lesson”

Lao kept on insisting to correct the ticket violation but R. R. Cordero, the traffic enforcer on duty, rudely answered, “Hindi ko papalitan yan. Kung pipilitin mo ko dito, mag-aaway tayo dito.”  When the car owner told him about the scene being recorded for social media posting, the latter said, “Gawin n’yo yung gusto Sir. May attorney naman ho kami. Magkita nalang tayo sa korte kung gagawin mo yan”

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