Is Cockroach the Special Ingredient of Meylin Chinese Restaurant?

Is Cockroach the Special Ingredient of Meylin Chinese Restaurant?

On July 18, An unsatisfied customer named Shirleen Albino Bautista took Facebook and posted her sentiments about her recent visit at Meylin Restaurant at SM North EDSA. The authentic goodness of China with Mey Lin Bistro she experienced was a nightmare for her for she never imagined  to eat ‘a cockroach in her entire life.’ She also encouraged ‘not to eat’ at Meylin Restaurant, SM North EDSA.

Here’s the post from Bautista’s facebook account:

Warning: Do not eat at Meylin Restaurant at SM north edsa. I never imagined eating a cockroach in my entire life. The funny thing is when I told the waiters about it they didn’t even say sorry and still had the guts to charge us on our orders. MM told them that we are not going to pay anything. Too bad we frequently eat in this restaurant. Now we know what their special ingredient is. We will never go back to this restaurant. Please share and let the others know about this.

Screen grab from Shirleen Albino Bautista's Facebook account

Screen grab from Shirleen Albino Bautista’s Facebook account

Would you want a friend or a fellow Yelper to have a similar experience? I wouldn’t. More than a review, or a public post/warning, best thing to do for Bautista is to file a complaint. Since you pay for a service, I think it is up to the restaurant to have basic standards of hygiene. Saying that cockroaches are a fact of life I don’t think is going to help the restaurant improve their service.

Yes, insects are a fact of life. They are even a delicacy in other cultures. No one wants flies or roaches on their food, but it is bound to happen eventually. It probably won’t kill you, unlike some of the objects have found in food at restaurants, including a large metal spring with razor-sharp edges, shards of broken ceramic glass, etc. For this reason, just like Bautista did, be very cautious about the food when you go out to eat. And when it happens, write a review, at least to document what happened.

About the Resturant: Mey Lin Bistro (formerly known as Mey Lin Pot & Noodle House) is a well-loved Chinese restaurant and delighting foodies’ from all walks of life since 1984. Their exquisite and honest-to-goodness line of Chinese dishes from staples like noodles, dimsum, congee, and dumplings, to the more explicit grubs like vegetables, seafood, and other meat entrees will awaken every inch of your nagging desire for everything Chinese.

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