First Contiki Storyteller from Asia, Mikael Daez shares Experiences on recent Journey to Costa Rica

First Contiki Storyteller from Asia, Mikael Daez shares Experiences on recent Journey to Costa Rica

Coach travel company Contiki Holidays for 18-35’s brought the wildlife to the city on Wednesday, June 25, as it gave us a peek into adventurer and TV host Mikael Daez’s recent journey to Costa Rica.


Last April, Contiki Tours, the world leader in youth travel experience, took 12 Storytellers and major influencers from around the world to a VIP conservation trip based on Contiki’s Costa Rica Unplugged itinerary. Among the storytellers were Mikael Daez, who came with his brother and videographer Nicky Daez. With the help of host and Contiki Asia PR specialist Choy Teh, Contiki Asia Head of Sales and Marketing Kevin Khor opened the event with a spellbinding video of how the 12 Storytellers came together and had the most memorable trip of their lives in Costa Rica.

The video showed the Central American country in a whole new perspective, showing that despite Costa Rica covering only 1% of the world’s land mass, a great chunk of it is strongly protected. This is due to its people’s great respect for the environment, a fact strongly promoted in their culture. The highlight of the video was the Storytellers’ one-of-a-kind experience watching a turtle lay its eggs in the middle of the night. Mikael says this was his most memorable experience of the trip, if only for its surreal beauty. He even shared how they all had to watch quietly from behind the turtle as to not alert the animal of their presence.


Mikael went on to show a series of Instagram videos care of his brother Nicky, showing the highlights of their trip to Costa Rica. Mikael says he was inspired by the Costa Rican’s great passion for caring for their environment, with everyone making an effort to preserve their natural wonders. He adds this trip was, without a doubt, the best adventure he has ever had. He says the best thing about it was that he was able to travel with a group of people who have the same passion for travel and adventure as him.


Mikael says this is what he likes most about Contiki, it’s great ability to allow the youth to interact. He adds that what’s important in every travel is not the place, but the people you meet throughout the journey – a job that Contiki does best. Contiki is a worldwide leader in tours for travelers who are 18 to 35 years old, something of an issue for some professionals who choose to put career over exploring the world. To these people, Mikael says that traveling actually makes a person fresher. It might require people to spend money, but one thing’s for sure, they will always come back with more – more experience, more knowledge, and more strength to face the world.

Mikael is the first Contiki Storyteller from Asia. Khor says he was undoubtedly the best choice, what with his unbelievable passion for travel, adventure, and food. Also, mainly because his life alone is already one big adventure.

Kevin ended the event with a call for the audience to help share the Contiki story. The Storytellers’ inspiring video is shown on its website The travel company promises to sponsor a turtle in Costa Rica once the video reaches its viewing target of 250,000.

Contiki is represented in the Philippines by Rajah Travel Corporation as the General Sales Agent. To find out more about Rajah Travel Corporation, visit

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