Fil-Am US Army Surprises Girlfriend at the Airport

Fil-Am US Army Surprises Girlfriend at the Airport

When a guy kneels in front of the girl waiting for her answer, the few seconds he will spend in suspense will seem like an eternity.

“Will you marry me?”

That is the indication that the guy is now ready to go all-in on one girl; the girl that he is willing to spend his life with forever, the start of the happily ever we’ve all been searching and waiting for.

Private 1st Class Reymart Carpio (US Army) came home July 4 2014, to visit his girlfriend Liezel Almario for the weekend.

He frequently travels from South Korea, where he is currently based, to the Philippines as a way to make their long distance relationship work. Thus, Liezel would always come and pick him up at the airport with her family. Little did she know that this one was going to change her life forever through a surprise planned out by Reymart and Events Factory.

When Reymart came out of the arrival lobby, he showed Liezel a homemade video of them with their song, Born for You, playing in the background. As she wantched, reel became real as an acoustic singer approached her singing the same song.Things escalated quickly as a huge sign with the message, “Liezel. Honey, Will You Marry Me?” was unrolled right in front of her. That cued Reymart to kneel down, present the ring placed in a dainty pink box and ask his Girlfriend to be his forever.

Screen cap from YouTube

Screen cap from YouTube

Reymart was on his knees, nervous and tense, as if he had been in that position for hours. Liezel, in tears but still smiling, blurted out the answer that Reymart had been anxiously waiting for, “Yes!”

The camera crew starts to come out to catch the golden moment. One that is full of raw emotion, with the priceless smiles of everyone around them regardless if they know the couple or not.

According to Bryan Anastacio, the managing director of Event Factory, a company who specializes in wedding proposals, it was initially the idea of Reymart to propose in the Airport. “We just supported his idea and made the necessary preparations for it to happen.”

He shared how the whole team. was excited for the proposal, “When you get an opportunity to be part of a love story like this, Event Factory tends to go out of our way to give them the best experience they can have”.

Truly, working for days and waiting for hours for only a few minutes of a man kneeling in front of a girl may seem dauntingly trivial for some but for Events Factory, if it will lead to couples forever, then it is more than worth it. For more about Event Factory visit their FB Page, or reach them through 0917 867 7469.

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