Daniel Radcliffe’s Evil Side Revealed in “HORNS”

Daniel Radcliffe’s Evil Side Revealed in “HORNS”

Pardon ‘Harry Potters’  wild-wild ways as he gamely freakish himself  for art’s sake, yet mesmerizing  his global audience anew. 

The cute boy wizard we all held dear  have grown-up really fast, been braving more sensible, but refreshing roles to say and never ceases in reinventing  himself on-screen – a blue blooded actor, indeed.

This Holloween, he set aside his magic wand & nerdy glasses over those creepy headwear and joined forces with the underworld circle of Hellboy & Maleficient via the horror flick “HORNS” –  a film adaption of  2010 gothic- novel of the same title by Stephen King’s equally genius son, Joe Hill.  On the other hand, french film-maker Alexandre Aja  who is likewise brilliant in making black comedy thrillers ie.,“Mirrors”, “Piranha3D “& “Hills Have Eyes” (among gory others) has breath life to the universal myth of satans & demons after following the cult-inspired book.

IN SYPNOSIS:  “HORNS”   tells  the  story  of  26  year-old  Ignatius  “Ig” Perrish,  a  man  wrongly  accused of molesting &  manslaughtering his very own soulmate.  One fateful morning after a lonesome drinking spree,  he had his life’s greater nightmare even upon waking-up with horns proudly sprouting from his temples that he could gaze no longer  at his grotesque reflection in the mirror (well with those, WHO CAN?).  The intimidating tamarraw horns, nevertheless, gave him newfound ability as it possess diabolical powers at his spell – enough to feed his wrath in finding the true  grim ripper of his beloved girl in vain.  In an interview, he quoted:

 It’s a very, very different type of part than anything I’ve done before, the role was “deeply emotional and also incredibly outrageous in some way



 (Radcliffe remained a real stunner even with those satanic-looking horns on)

Radcliffe has recorded his strongest acting piece to date as critiqued by  renowned movie reviewer Mike Pereira. The good boy turned bad man was backed-up by an award-winning casts  that includes Juno Temple, Max Minghella, Joe Anderson, Kelli Garner and James Remar in the list.  HORNS  premiered in September of last year at the Toronto International Film Festival in Canada. While the U.S. screening is still in the offing, the same is sure to hit UK Theaters come this 31st October.   The teaser poster:

untitled horn news

Interestingly, those amusing  horns of  his  are not just something to watch-out from Harry, Daniel’s  metamorphosis.  The british superstar will be belting his wicked character out  in flawless, american accent. (whew!)

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