China Roces Spikes Curiosity on the Internet

China Roces Spikes Curiosity on the Internet

Is China Roces the girl with Paolo Bediones in an intimate leaked video?

After the alleged Paolo Bediones ‘very intimate video’ went viral, Geraldine Catalan, popularly known as FHM featured model China Roces, was named as the mysterious girl on the said video. China Roces is a 22-year-old model and actress from Pasig City and was supposed to be a member of the girl group Street Beauties. She has modeled for companies including Tanduay, Burker King, and FilAsia.

China Roces’ name became a treding topic on social media sites and searches online. People are really a bit curious about this girl.

Netizens are pointing out some similarities of the woman from the leaked video to Roces’ other photos from her Facebook page like her wrist watch, earrings and her navel piercing.


With these allegations, China Roces posted a message in her Facebook account on July 27, Sunday, denying the said photo captured in the scandal video:

“Hindi po ako ang Nasa scandal Okey?? Tgnan ng Mabuti at alamin po..”


Screen cap of her Facebook post.

Though she keeps on denying to her followers that she’s not the said mysterious woman in the said controversial video, some Facebook commenters are still insisting that she’s the one. Anyways, we cannot confirm anything about the identities on the controversial video because we don’t have any concrete evidence until now, just some similarities, unless these two come out. Who knows? Maybe they’re just look-alikes. Give them some benefit of the doubt.

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