Child Abuse: Wake up to the World’s Growing Threat

Child Abuse: Wake up to the World’s Growing Threat

Our national hero, Jose Rizal once quoted that “The youth is the hope of the Nation”, he said this knowing that our future will be entrusted to the children of today, that they will be the ones who will accomplish the hopes and goals of the individuals today who are striving to make our society a better place to live, but how could this angels become what they should be, if they are being denied protection from those evils who tends to wreck their dreams and make their lives a nightmare.

Today cases of children being molested and abuse are rising to an alarming rate and it looks like the government can’t do anything to stop it, every year many children suffer this kind of cruelty and the ones responsible are able to walk the streets heads up and smiling free from the consequences of what they did, sometimes it is because the victims themselves are too afraid to go to the officials because of the threat that if they do it’s either them or the one’s important to them will.

1-3 Girls and 1-7 Boys under the age of 18 are sexually abused. -1989 Reports presented for Fed. Parliament (RCMP) Jaclyn Mace @ Statistics Canada, even infants are not an exemption to the insanity of these maniacs, shaking is a prevalent form of abuse seen in very young children.

The majority of shaken children are less than 9 months old. Most perpetrators of such abuse are male, though this may be more a reflection of the fact that men, being on average stronger than women, tend to apply greater force, rather than that they are more prone than women to shake children. Intracranial hemorrhages, retinal hemorrhages and small ‘‘chip’’ fractures at the major joints of the child’s extremities can result from very rapid shaking of an infant.

They can also follow from a combination of shaking and the head hitting a surface. There is evidence that about one-third of severely shaken infants die and that the majority of the survivors suffer long-term consequences such as mental retardation, cerebral palsy or blindness.

Sexual abuses are not only committed by adults minors are also tend to be involve in this cases, it is because of the lack of attention and the way parents raise their children, less attention and time for them means less time to teach them valuable lessons and correcting their mistakes and bad attitudes.

Just recently a report of a 6-year-old girl sexually abused by 12-year-old neighbor came; the girl and her family are among the evacuees living in tents in Zamboanga City’s Joaquin Enriquez Memorial Sports Complex, the disturbing thing is that during the investigation the authorities found out that the camp managers at the sports complex tried to silence the mother of the victim. “When the relatives were about to bring the child to the Medical Center, the camp managers ran after them and tried to stop them,” said Gammar Hassan, head of the No To Relocation Movement, he also claimed that the DSWD is more “concerned of protecting the image of their office than the welfare of the minors who are being victimized by these rapists.”

Protecting the safety and the welfare of our children’s are ensuring the future of our society, the greatest gift we could give them is a life protected from harm and wickedness, keep them away from the dark side of life so they could grow walking the right path and thus making them the living testament to Rizal’s words.

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