Are All Pinoys Gullible?

Are All Pinoys Gullible?

Pinoys are very beautiful creatures. No question about that. But some positive traits also come with a little bit of feature that one cannot be proud of. Do you agree that Filipinos are very gullible people as well? Okay, I see some eyebrows raising and wrinkled foreheads there. Before we get offended, let’s just try to be calm and read through the article.

First of all, I am also a Filipino with half of my roots coming from the Mt. Province and the other half from Pangasinan. I am proud that I belong in the country where people are known for their humbleness, hospitability, and ability to adjust and cope up to every situation. But I guess there’s no exact recipe to a perfect individual, right? I myself have been into situations wherein I was too innocent to know that I’ve been easily persuaded to believe something.


A local journalist has been a victim of this years ago. Prominent Filipino newspaper columnist Carmen Navarro Pedrosa conveyed her concern over the claimed findings of a Harvard University study, claiming that Filipinos are “the most gullible people in the world.” She later on knew she’d been a victim of what she ranted about in her article.

1-2-3—So, again, let’s try to ask the public: Do you agree that Filipinos are gullible?

“The poor and uneducated are gullible; many Filipinos are poor and uneducated. Therefore, many Filipinos are gullible.”Rodolfo Capili, Caloocan City

“Yes, because of the deteriorating educational system and loose morals and values, the majority of the poor are gullible.”Ed Alawi, Davao City

“I don’t agree. Filipinos are not gullible; they are just too kind and submissive sometimes.”S.C. Tomines, Tarlac City

“Filipinos can be gullible, especially during election time, but they aren’t naive. They learn, or try to learn, from mistakes.”Dino Monzon, Caloocan City

“Pareto’s Law says so. Eighty percent of the population is most likely gullible and 20 percent most likely not.”Allan Vizmanos, Quezon City

Other evident examples of Pinoys’ naiveté are [to quote]:

  1. Paniniwala na bahagi ng Kristiyanismo ang pagtutuli
  2. Paniniwala na nagkaroon ng sabwatan sa Battle of Manila Bay
  3. Paniniwala na si Agapito Flores ang nakaimbento ng flourescent lamp
  4. Paniniwala na si Eduardo San Juan ang nakaimbento ng Moon Buggy
  5. Paniniwala ng sobra sobra sa mga taeng pamahiin

And what about those text scams? The ones you receive in the middle of the night informing you about their new roaming number. And that person on the other end  would ask for a P300 load for an emergency, blah blah. I would often tell my mom not to fall for that. haha!

Lastly, those “click baits” on our Facebook timelines that have interesting topics that needs your likes, clicks and shares:


  • Flesh-Eating Bacteria Prophecy in PH
  • Angel Locsin Scandal
  • This girl will receive her birthday gift when she gets 1,000 likes
  • See Who’s Viewed Your Profile. Click here
  • You won an iPad. Click here

And then you’d go wondering why you have those shared posts on all your friends’ timelines with attached nude photo of someone you don’t even know!?! Dude, you must have been a victim of those baits.


To wrap up, I guess we can say that NOT ALL Pinoys are gullible.

“Nationality or citizenship has nothing to do with being gullible. It’s in the person.”  

There are just some who are polite enough not to embarrass the person persuading, so they would nod their heads and agree. There are also those who are just too trusting not to question facts. And there are those too naive to know what to believe because of lack of education and information.

It’s also natural for us Filipinos to be easily influenced by what we see on televisions, what we read on the newspapers, and what we hear in radios. We have that innate thing to believe, even on those showbiz chismis!

What we all need to do is try to analyze and understand all the information we are receiving. Pinoys are very receptive people. One thing we can do is use all our God-given senses to discern truth from fiction. What to believe and what not to. That way, we won’t be easily swayed away.



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