Alleged Shoplifter Demands Public Apology From Shopwise

Alleged Shoplifter Demands Public Apology From Shopwise

“Pls share..kawawa naman yung matanda pinagbintangan nagnakaw sa supermarket..pero na prove naman na wala sya kasalanan humihingi sya ng public apology sa management pero ni refuse ng management yung demand nya..sobrang sama ng loob nya dahil ipinahiya sya sa maraming tao dun sa supermarket kahit wala sya kasalanan…”  A few days ago, another viral video spread around Social Media sites. This post came from Liezel Guevarra Adordionisio. The recorded video shows a senior citizen lady named Evelyn Sia, in tears while seeking apology from the management of a big shopping store.

Sia claims she was wrongly accused of shoplifting in Shopwise Antipolo on June 30, 2014. In tears, she explained how the guards shamelessly paraded her around the store.

According to Sia, a security guard stopped her when she was not able to present her receipt upon leaving the store. She then said that her mother has the receipt, but the latter left first to go to a nearby market.

She requested to the assigned guard that she will wait for her mother at the entrance so she can present the tab.

The guards, not accepting her explanation, instantly charged her of shoplifting in front of other customers and then was assisted in the Security office.

When the Shopwise management received the reports, representatives from their office apologized by paying a visit at her home. But Evelyn Sia wanted more than that. She is demanding an apology from the management

In a phone interview released by ABS-CBN, Sia said, ”Gawin ang public apology sa Shopwise din sa oras na maraming tao, sa PA system.”

Screengrab from YouTube

Screengrab from YouTube

These are the words from Mr. Kerwin Legarder, Vice President of Shopwise:

“‘It is unfortunate that in the upkeep of a standard retail operating procedure of validating a purchase, one of our shoppers had to go through an unpleasant experience. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused,.

”We, at Shopwise, value our customers more than anything, and are addressing the distress this incident may have caused our customer. Rest assured, Shopwise will continue to improve our staffing and service levels to prevent this from happening in the future.”

Michelle del Rosario of Buensalido and Associates Public Relations also announced that the Antipolo branch will issue Sia a public apology:

”We would like to inform the public that the matter has been settled between the two parties. Shopwise takes matters such as this very seriously and has reviewed its procedures to ensure that this does not happen again. Upon the request of the customer, Shopwise has agreed to grant her a public apology on July 15.” 


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