Alleged Paolo Bediones’ ‘Very Private Video’ Leaked

Alleged Paolo Bediones’ ‘Very Private Video’ Leaked

Why the searches about Paolo Bediones is spiking online?


I was surprised when I saw this graph (above left) on my dashboard! Searches about Paolo Bediones is really hitting high notes and is almost one of the top and trending issue today.

Based on the keywords on the above right, what everyone’s looking for is Bediones’ alleged ‘very private video’ which according to this blog post, the leaked private video contains an intimate moment between a guy with a huge resemblance with Bediones and still unidentified woman was first leaked in a free file and image hosting web site with a file name of ‘Cartoons.mp4’ and lasts for 6 minutes and 43 seconds and it was allegedly taken by the guy on the video with a sexy starlet.

I can hardly believe it. Though some of the comments I have read from those netizens who have actually saw the leaked video believe that it was him, but I’ll still give the benefit of the doubt. For as long as there’s no confirmation directly from them, the guy in the video will still be his look-alike. As a netizen which encounters a lot of leaked private videos spreading online like wildfires, same as the other private videos gone viral, just think it will also healed in time but not as fast and accurately remove in everyone’s mind.

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