7 Major Reasons Why Aljur Abrenica Wants to Leave his Home Network

7 Major Reasons Why Aljur Abrenica Wants to Leave his Home Network

Everyone was shocked when Kapuso actor Aljur Abrenica with his lawyer Ferdinand Topacio went to the Quezon City Hall of Justice to file for Judicial Confirmation of Rescission of Contract against GMA Network Inc. The 24-year-old actor said he was prompted to file the said petition after the demands of his contract were not met. Abrenica also said that there was no other option for him to end the contract with GMA Network. His contract with the tv network is valid until 2017.

Abrenica explained that he is only seeking the betterment of his career, which, in turn, will allow him to help more people.

Based on the news and the copy of formal complaint released we have gathered, here are the 7 major reasons why Aljur Abrenica wants to leave his home network:

1. Demands have been ignored.

Abrenica explained that he had exhausted all efforts to reach an agreement with his home network: “Sa totoo nga lang po, ayoko po talagang umabot sa ganito. Ako po ‘yung huling taong mag-de-desisyon na malagay sa ganitong kalagayan.”

2. Topacio said GMA Network left Abrenica ‘with no choice’

Topacio told the press, “Pinadalhan namin sila ng formal letter to sit down and know what the real problem was, but they insisted on the contract. So wala na kaming choice. Ikinalulungkot ni Aljur na humantong na dito. We are not closing the door for a fruitful dialogue with GMA. Sana po kung mamamagitan ang hukuman, magkaroon ng magandang solusyon ang maliit na misunderstanding na ito.”

3. Exhaustion he suffered due to the demands of his job.

From Abrenica’s formal complaint: “Since the start of his career as an exclusive talent of GMA, ALJUR constantly suffered from the disregard by the GMA Artist Center of his interest and welfare. He, then still a minor, had an intensive work schedule that required him to work long and late hours. Such demands took a toll on his young body, resulting in exhaustion and eventually periods of illness, therefore affecting his job performance. There were instances when he was made to work up to early morning which constrained him and his parents to request that his working hours be limited to not later than 2:00 o’clock in the morning in any given work day. The said request was not acted upon in any form or manner by GMA. This situation has continued up until the present under the new contract with GMA.”

4. Career plans were not given importance and respected.

Abrenica, in his interview, raised GMA Network’s supposed “lack of respect” for the direction he wants to take as an actor. “Kaya po ako nandito ngayon, dahil po hindi po ako nabigyan ng pagpapahalaga at respeto po sa career na gusto ko pong mangyari,” he said.

5. No concrete plan

From Abrenica’s formal complaint: “It has also become apparent to ALJUR that GMA does not have any clear and concrete plan with regard to the direction of his career and growth as a performing artist, as shown by the manner they have handled his career and developed his “brand.”

All of these (his recent projects) have downgraded and undermined his status as a serious lead actor, since there is no logical progression in his career. Having started as “The Ultimate Hunk” in what should have made him one of the premier television talents of GMA, his career followed a roller-coaster pattern wherein he was sometimes the lead, but more often a supporting player, and even more often as a mere guest performer, the “eye candy” to supply the “hunk factor” in cases whenever the ratings of GMA’s shows would sag, leaving him little space to make his thespic talents shine.”

6. Gross mismanagement.

From Abrenica’s formal complaint: “As further proof of gross mismanagement, just recently, due to another mishandling by GMA of a fashion show for leading apparel brand Bench (Suyen Corp.), which became a comedy of errors on top of a communication breakdown, ALJUR lost his endorsement contract with the said brand. Thus, sometime in January 2014, Bench once again offered ALJUR an endorsement contract. GMA wanted to get on the good side of Bench thus asked ALJUR to sign a bench body contract along with the bench apparel contract. The agreement was for ALJUR to do a campaign wearing only his underwear. ALJUR, as usual, was not comfortable with the idea but was convinced to submit because he was told that if he signed up, GMA would ensure a big launch with the decency and formality as that of Dingdong Dantes, another GMA talent, when the latter did a similar campaign for the same apparel company. As the shoot date scheduled on 12 July 2014 approached, ALJUR requested for the specifics of the shoot, including the kind of underwear he was going to wear, and whether the “Dingdong-type” launch was going to happen. GMA could not give him an answer. ALJUR kept following up his request for weeks before the shoot but to no avail. On 11 July 2014, a day before the shoot, GMA still withheld the “pegs” to ALJUR despite his assiduous demand and no information about the launch was conveyed to him.

Due to the uncertainty of what was going to happen in the morning, ALJUR requested from the Artist Center that the pegs or the actual underwear be sent to him, and the kind of launch that will be had be confirmed not later than 9:00 o’clock that night, because he wanted to sleep early so as to look his best should the shoot proceed. At 10:30 of that same night, however, ALJUR’s Artist Center Manager, Tracy Garcia, informed ALJUR that his contract with Bench was cancelled without giving ALJUR any clear reason.

All of the aforementioned instance show that GMA breached its obligations under the management contract, as it miserably failed to “exert its best efforts to promote and enhance the best interest and welfare of ARTIST with the end in view of properly and effectively tapping and developing his talents and professional potentials.””

From Abrenica’s formal complaint: “There were also instances of gross mismanagement committed by GMA sometime in September 2013 that resulted in the banning of ALJUR in all SM Malls for some time, and the possible loss of product endorsements and professional engagements. In these instances GMA, after committing blunders in artist management, left ALJUR to fend for himself in order to remedy the situation with the persons and entities involved to salvage the situation so that he would not lose the endorsements and engagements due to GMA’s errors, when it was supposed to have been GMA’s obligation to contain the damage.”

7.  Not a Piece of Meat

Abrenica’s formal complaint detailed instances when the projects given to him “reinforced his image as a sexy actor, and [undermined] his abilities as a serious performer.” Topacio said, “It’s all a matter of artistic direction, according to my client. My client is not a piece of meat. He’s an artist. Hindi puwedeng ipagawa sa kanya ‘yung mga ayaw niyang gawin. He will not grow as an artist.”

From Abrenica’s formal complaint: “In the meantime, in order that his singing career would not stagnate, sometime in 2013, ALJUR was forced to produce his own music album without any help from GMA. The album, on which he spent his own personal funds, contained well-known materials such as a remake of the highly-successful hit by the band Jeremiah called “Nanghihinayang,” as well as seven (7) original mainstream songs. While becoming more and more disgruntled at GMA at this point, he still publicly praised GMA when asked why the album was being made outside the auspices of GMA, in order to preserve the peace and not antagonize GMA.

When GMA saw that the album was nearing its launching, it suddenly intervened and exerted pressure on ALJUR that he allow GMA to be market the same. GMA, however, proposed a new set of songs to replace ALJUR’s original track list. ALJUR was aghast when he saw the proposed track list because it contained – not the usual genre of love songs and middle-of-the-road tracks as the first eponymous album of ALJUR and his original track listing of the second – but novelty songs composed of double entendres of a graphically sexually suggestive nature. For instance, the first track, “NOTA,” which seemingly pertains to musical notes, is gay slang for penis. Other tracks include “SISID,” which while in literal terms refers to “diving,” is street lingo for cunnilingus or the act of oral sex performed on the female genitalia. It also included songs titled “ABS” (referring to well-developed abdominal muscles) and “LEGS,” all of which are replete with sexual connotations and which emphasizes ALJUR’s physique and sexuality over and above his talents as a thespian and musician.

Worse, Ferrer insisted on including a song entitled “CHECK IN” in the same proposed album as an obvious reference to negative rumours involving ALJUR and his Kambal Sirena co-star Louise De Los Reyes who were alleged to have checked into a resort hotel in Subic during the taping of said series, and which allegedly resulted in the break up of ALJUR and his real life girl friend Kylie Padilla as well as of Louise and her boyfriend Enzo Pineda. These break ups resulted in adverse publicity for ALJUR and incited strong public comments from actor Robin Padilla, Kylie’s father, who casts aspersions on ALJUR’s character. It is, thus, strange to say the least, that such a negative issue be glorified in a song included in ALJUR’s sophomore album.

Worse, the nature of the songs are such that they are novelty songs of a prurient nature, which ALJUR believes to be demeaning to his dignity as a human being and will make him a figure of fun in the entertainment community, as it promotes him as a lewd comedian.”

Seeking court is not really an easy decision for Abrenica to file a complaint against GMA, where he first started his career. The actor expressed hope that the matter will be resolved amicably. Abrenica said he has not received offers from other networks, but the Kapuso actor said he wants to pursue other things that are not in the plans of GMA. Abrenica said that he is still open for a dialogue with GMA Network executives concerning a possible termination of his contract.


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