10 Pinoy Movies You Didn’t Know Existed

10 Pinoy Movies You Didn’t Know Existed

In Pinoy Box Office race, there are winners and losers. Based on the list of the movies released in 2013 to 2014, it is still far more compared with the previous years. Last year has been a fruitful year for the domestic box office with seven movies breaching the elusive P100-million-mark earned during its entire run at the local cinema in gross revenues last year (2013) and at least two movies for the first quarter of 2014. This will prove that the movie industry is not dead after all.

If there are winners, there are also losers. Losers not just in terms of grosses but also because only few of its market knew that these movies existed. These movies did not received the same faith that happened to these top-grossing movies. These are the movies which lack almost everything, from stars to production, to promotions. Sigh!

In this respect, it seemed like a logical time to take a look back on the movies shown in the local tills that most of Pinoys didn’t know existed.

1. Gabriel (Ito Ang Kuwento Ko) 

“Gabriel (Ito Ang Kuwento Ko) ” is another Ronald M. Rafer movie underSun Stars Film. This is their initial presentation starring Joyce Ching, Lester Lucas and Norris John. a rated PG Movie given by the MTRCB. (2013)

2. I LuV u PaRe Ko

“I Luv U, Pare Ko” is gay comedy topbilled by Rocco Nacino and Rodjun Cruz, another indie film from Direk Neal Tan and produced by Krix Film Productions.

3. DOTA (Nakakabaliw)

Teenagers get hooked on role-playing computer games like DOTA. They cut classes and get in trouble because of their destructive pastime. Kapuso teen star Ching works with a cast of newcomers in this indie flick produced by Manchester Films. Directed by Dyzal Damun; stars Joyce Ching, James Matthew, Jaypee Adalem, Joana Elle, Roldan Aquino, Danny Labra. (2014)

4. Coming Soon

“Coming Soon” follows the lives and misadventures of six friends who come from different backgrounds. Andi takes on the role of Monica, the rebellious daughter of a socialite who becomes friends with five people. They are: Sikyu portrayed by Boy 2 Quizon, Darwin played by Dominic Roco, Sab portrayed by Glaiza de Castro, Nacho played by Cholo Barretto, and Dana portrayed by Carla Humphries. Despite their different backgrounds, all the main characters want one thing in life:  to be happy. The movie will revolve around how they attain the happiness that they long for. (2013)

5. Daniel Rapido

An environmental action-drama-comedy that’s also a tribute to the late Fernando Poe Jr. Directed by Dyzal M. Damun and produced by RQC Production, “Daniel Rapido” stars Roi Vinzon, Iwa Moto, Joel Ortega, Raiza Ruiz, Zando Rivera, Fernando Caribio Jr. (2013)

6. Full Moon

Under the direction of Dante ‘Boy’ Pangilinan, “Full Moon” movie stars Derick Monasterio and Barbie Forteza with Ricardo Cepeda, Eric Fructuoso, and Mike Magat. (2014)

7. Kapit sa Patalim

“Kapit sa patalim” is a replica of the sick society dealing with gender issues, agony and hardship, bribery and temptation, conditional love affair, desire, frustration, hostility and crime and issues that will spice up audiences’ imagination. Starring Aldrico padilla, Marvin Yap, Mel Kimura, Sofia Lee, Mel martinez, Izzy Canillo, and Melissa Mendez. (2013)

8. Echoserang Frog

Shalala, the funny TV host and radio personality was launched early this year in a movie, “Echoserang Frog.” “Echoserang Frog” is a star-studded movie. A lot of Shalala’s celebrity friends agreed to appear in his first starrer among them Jacklyn Jose, JC de Vera, Wendell Ramos, Joross Gamboa, Mr. Fu, Derek Ramsey and German Moreno. Kiray plays Shalala’s sidekick in the movie. (2014)

9. My Amiga Girl

“My Amiga Girl” is an ATG Entertainment Productions presentation starring Daiana Menezes, Michelle O’bombshell, AJ Dee, Gerard Madrid, Sherwin Ordonez, and Suzzette Ranillo (2013)

10. Gapang

“Gapang is a Greendie Film Productions presentation starring Miguel Alcantara, Jacob Diaz, TJ Alonzo and Merwin Castro. (2013)

So, what can you say now about these movies? At you know now that these movies existed. Try watching it at least and tell us if they have at least a value for their existence.

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