Your Life on Instagram Vs. Your Life in Reality (Life has no filters)

Your Life on Instagram Vs. Your Life in Reality (Life has no filters)

Nowadays social Medias are already a big part of our daily lives, there are even some individuals that are so obsessed that there is not a single thing happening that they will not share, post and promote online, but there’s a big difference in the life we see online and what life really is in reality. In the real word you cannot crop the best angles, undo the mistakes and insert things to make it better.

Everyone enjoys doing yoga, it’s a fun and healthy activity for the body, physically, mentally, and emotionally, on Instagram yoga is like this:

Yoga on Instagram

But in reality? Well it’s a little different:

Yoga in reality

And of course everyone likes to party, the type of from dust-to-dawn nonstop dancing and drinks with your friends, uploaded, the events where like this:

Partying on Instagram

But without the camera, the event transform into something like this:

Partying without filters

Actual party

Whoa… easy there fellas!

When you guys went on a trip to some beach or just lie down beside your pool, in a two piece bikini or anything summer like outfit, together with some sun block lotion sipping some fresh orange juice sound awesome right?

Your friend took the camera and took some shoots,

Beach party

That’s the lucky ones, cropped, and edited to hide the true picture, I guess it’s a little more like this,:


Got a little bit too much of the sun eh?

When you guys go out to drink somewhere to celebrate or whatever, you took the pictures of the good stuff:

cocktail drinks

But why did you leave the real story after the drinks?

Drunk man

Told you to take it easy dude!

That’s why when we are so fascinated with the things we see online, think again guys, it’s meant to impress you but the real story is behind all the filters and effects, and the truth might be a little shocking.

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