Simplify your Homescreen with this Launcher

Simplify your Homescreen with this Launcher

Most of us just can’t get satisfaction with our Mobile UI, that we download a lot of diffrent launchers just to get the right one. Some launchers are just too basic and some look very good but slowly sucks the battery life of your smartphone.


Out of Beta, Yahoo (formerly ThumbsUpLabs) brings you a simple but very useful launcher. the Yahoo Aviate Launcher a Smart Launcher which automatically adapts to what you do throughout the day, whether your at Home, Work, Traveling, at a Restaurant and even when you insert your headphones, the launcher will change it’s home screen and adapt to your needs.


Also it automatically sorts all you applications into different categories like Games, Social, Work, Music, and many more.


With it’s update the launcher was opened for everybody to download, and doesn’t need invites. Also it features a lot of new Features like, Favorite People – which adds a few contacts to your homescreen for easy access, Daily Delight – which includes news and recommended apps for you, and Calendar – which can open your calendar events straight from the launcher.

I was one of the Beta Testers and now there have been a lot of improvements since, but it still has no option to hide apps.

So if you want to give it a try simply click on this link. Yahoo! Aviate Launcher for Android Users

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