Parcel claiming gone wrong at a PhilPost branch

Parcel claiming gone wrong at a PhilPost branch

When was the last time you mailed something that passed through the Philippine Postal Corporation? Have you ever been so mad at a Post Office?

Below is a status posted by Xianne Arcangel on her personal Facebook page, sharing the public her sentiments over her personal ‘horror story’ on claiming of parcel from the Philippine Post Office.

Parcel claiming gone wrong at a PhilPost branch
June 18, 2014 at 5:56pm

While I’ve read several horror stories about the claiming of parcel from the Philippine Post Office, I never thought I’ll have a bad experience with the office until this Tuesday.

Two weeks ago, I received a notice from the Caloocan City Post Office about a package I need to claim. Though I was clueless as to what the parcel contained, I knew it was a gift sent by my friends from the CRI Filipino Service in Beijing.

When I dropped by the post office yesterday, my excitement grew when I saw the package was bigger than I expected. The box was as wide as a large wall calendar and about three inches tall (I thought its size would be that of a shoebox or even smaller).

That anticipation instantly turned to shock when the package was opened (SOP daw). I immediately knew someone went through it the very instant I saw the interior of the box, which was apparently a study kit for learning Mandarin.

The Mandarin-Filipino booklets were haphazardly put in their places and the satin lining that was supposed to be underneath was tucked at uneven angles. At the top of the box lay the charger of an electronic gadget, and nothing else.

The electronic pen that should have been in the kit was gone. Based on its instruction manual, the pen was supposed to help someone know how a certain phrase should be spoken. Point the pen to a particular phrase in the booklet, and you’ll hear how you should say it. With its features, it’s little wonder why the gadget became a magnet for thieves.

I was unable to ask questions and demand for an explanation since I still had to go to work. I knew asking to see the city postmaster or some other official was bound to eat up more of my time.

Still, I plan to file a complaint and demand for answersTo be honest, I don’t know what the outcome will be of raising this issue. The gadget may not even be returned. I may not even receive any compensation for the loss. But I know I can’t stay silent. Keeping mum on this is as good as giving the thieves license to steal some more, and steal more often.

The interior of the parcel I claimed

Photo of the interior of the parcel I claimed

Photo of the interior of the parcel I claimed (Xianne Arcangel Facebook)

VS. what I *should* have received

VS. what I *should* have received

VS. what I *should* have received (Xianne Arcangel Facebook)

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