Nicklas Pedersen of Denmark Wins Mr. World 2014

Nicklas Pedersen of Denmark Wins Mr. World 2014

After 15 days of extreme challenges ranging from sports to style, Mr. World 2014 finale culminated last June 15 at Torbay, England with Nicklas Pedersen of Denmark winning the Mr. World 2014 title while Mr. Nigeria grabbed the title of first runner up, Mr. Mexico was declared the second-runner up. Mr. World 2014 Nicklas Pedersen of Denmark is the 8th winner of the Mr. World competition. He was crowned by outgoing Mr. World 2013 Francisco Escobar.

Nicklas Pedersen of Denmark Wins Mr. World 2014

Nicklas Pedersen of Denmark Wins Mr. World 2014

Describing himself as “The happiest guy in the world, who lives life to the fullest”, Nicklas hails from Brondby, a suburb of Copenhagen. A qualified carpenter, he has aspirations of starting his own carpentry firm in the near future. He would also like to try his hand at acting if the opportunity arises. A keen sportsman, Nicklas loves to play football, as well as swimming and going to the gym. When it comes to music, Nicklas is a fan of the 90’s but says he also listens to hip hop and RnB. He also loves to travel, fulfilling a lifelong dream after his apprenticeship when he travelled to Australia.

The contestants had to undergo various challenges and here are the winners of these tasks who made a direct place in the Top 10:

  1. Curacao – Zuemerik Clementino Richard Veeris
  2. Denmark – Nicklas Pedersen
  3. England – Jordan Williams
  4. India – Prateek Jain
  5. Mexico – Jose Pablo Minor
  6. Moldova – Valeriu Gutu
  7. Netherlands – Demian Overduijin
  8. NIGERIA – Emmanuel Ifeanyi Ikubese
  9. Puerto Rico – Alberto Martinez
  10. Ukraine – Bogdan Iusypchuk

Fast Track Challenges (Individual winners of these fast track challenges automatically earns them a spot in the Top 10.)

  • Extreme Challenge: Moldova – Valeriu Gutu
  • Multimedia: Netherlands – Demian Overduijn
  • Talent: Curacao – Zuemerik Clementino Richard Veeris
  • Sports Challenge: Denmark – Nicklas Pedersen
  • Mr. World Team Champions – Blue Team
  • Fashion Style:Nigeria – Emmanuel Ifeanyi Ikubese

The event was hosted by reigning Miss World Megan Young and former Mr World Canada Frankie Cena. Mr. World 2014 was judged by Julia Morley, Musical Director Mike Dixon, Choreographer & Stage Director Donna Derby, Hair, Make-Up and Stylist expert Andrew Minarik, reigning Mr World Francisco Escobar, Miss World 1981 Pilín León and Miss World Oceania Erin Holland.

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