10 Usual Happenings Every First Day of School

10 Usual Happenings Every First Day of School

Busy corridors, students walking here and from, different banners and tarpaulins with big greetings from different individuals mostly politicians, a familiar ambience lingering in the air, well I guess I could say, it’s really a start of another school year again.

As you strode along the familiar rooms, galleries, and sections of your campus you see different things happening with the students and faculties, the way they respond to the busy atmosphere and how things are settled. I guess looking for the top ten things happening every first day of class would be fun right? Well let’s see, starting with no. 1.


It’s the first thing almost all students encounter, because of all the excitement in the first day, they often get dizzy going round and round for what rooms are they assigned at. There are even some who forgot what their first subject is!


After entering the school premises a student’s eye turns into a jaguar’s, in search for familiar faces among the herd of different individuals, finding where his prey is he pounce at him and both of them burst into laughter.


With friends alongside an empty room, everyone has his own way to kill time. But the best choice is? Survey anxious friends gathering around you asking different questions about how your summer turns out, what places did you visit, or anything that’s happened worth telling. It’s almost like you’ve been arrested and is now up for interrogation.

Summer eh!?

Summer eh!?


It’s a common thing to a group of students to have an auction like debate, about the marks they get last year in their subjects, similar to the auction where people raise money to win ownership of certain things like antique, gems or anything valuable. But In the case of simple students, the prize will just be admiration, respect and of course, popularity. Ok guys, I got 90 in English! Anyone wants to bet? And by the way it also works with daily allowances.


It’s quite similar with search, the only difference is in search you are looking for familiar persons, but in hunt, it’s finding new people who you might have a chance to be friends with, a new opportunity to socialize with the unfamiliar, after all, you’ll be seeing each other for the whole year period.


It’s a systematic way on how you and your friends are planning to tackle almost 10 months of academic barrage, oftentimes it’s compose of how your seating arrangements will be, will you guys be positioning in the front row? Or in the back, and which student will be in charge of a specific subject depending on his/her intellectual capacity. Good luck marines!

Who's my seatmate?

Who’s my seatmate?


After a bad year of a certain student, like having failed marks, or being sent to the guidance two or three times, here comes the words, THIS TIME REALLY, DEFINITELY THIS YEAR, I PROMISE, a promise of a better year, where he/she would make up for the times he/she wasted. Well, good luck kid, 10 months to proved those speeches you’ve made in your mind.


As the teacher or professor enters the room the atmosphere suddenly change from the summer of May to the winter seasons of December. Everyone froze on their seats; eyes fix in the slowly moving figure in front, every breath steady, waiting for the greeting that will decide whether the person in front is Santa? Or Dracula let’s find out next meeting, class dismiss.

Any more questions?

Any more questions?


If there are tons of techniques of surviving your subject, there is the most effective which do not require a lot of brain but a lot of charm. Who is the one making your grades? Who is the one teaching you day by day? Supervising the way you interact with the others, your teacher of course! so the best way to pass indeed, is to root where the big tree is.


After the long first meeting, school hours is finally over, but the day is far from it, one of you will bring up about hanging out because it’s still too early to go home, and there’s nothing important to do because it’s only the first day, one or two are against but still, majority wins right, so there you go a bunch of laughing meat bags in uniform, I can only guess what will happen to these guys when they got home.

Well that’s something going around finding out how things are in the first day of class for a student, well it’s certainly hard sometimes to survive but as long as you know what you are doing is right, you’ll definitely make it out alive.

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