10 Toxic ‘Animals’ that Successful People Avoid (Did I Just Say Animal? I Mean People)

10 Toxic ‘Animals’ that Successful People Avoid (Did I Just Say Animal? I Mean People)

Admit it, there are times in your life in which you meet certain types of animals (oops, I really mean people) that well, just ruin everything else. Needless to say, these troublesome individuals always start the conflict and misunderstanding. Basically, they’re hard to deal with, they’re innately stubborn and they’re perfectly made to make you suffer.

However, a rising man like you need not have worries and whatnot, for you have already a stretched will and great discernment on these ‘animals’ that only an ‘experienced you’ can overcome (Gee man, I said animal again). So much for the intro, here they are:

0011. The ‘Showoff’ Peacock
Just like a real peacock, these people always feel the need to showoff, whatever something temporarily prodigal they have. They are the ones who always try to prove their worth to somebody else. However, this is how you are assured that they have little worth, or worst, no worth at all. Without those dangling feathers, put on whatever human metaphor suits that, they will be nothing more than just usual fools, I mean fowls.


2. The ‘Dumb’ Turkey
I always hear of turkeys which die because they always let the rain drown them when they drink from the pouring rain. Why? Because they always forget how to drink, so they have to open their poor beaks when it rains, and I see that they die because they eventually forget how to close their mouth when they have enough. Much to a human metaphor, they are the ones who are completely unintelligent because they consistently make bad decisions and they never learn from their mistakes.

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3. The ‘Poisonous’ Snake
You would never want a friend like this one. They’re naturally vicious, dangerous, and deadly. They are the certain type of people that no matter how much you’ve fed them their entire life, they’d eventually bite you anyhow, regardless of whatever favor you’ve shown them before. They are traitors in nature, purely talented in deceiving anyone and beware mostly, they attack unnoticed. In snake language, ‘they sneak behind their victim.’


4. The ‘Two-Faced’ Chameleon
Actually, it’s not only two, but I liked the sound of ‘two-faced,’ it appeals to most turncoats for me. Ha-ha! Haven’t figured it out yet? Well, these are the ones who never really had an identity of their own. They adapt in the current situation they are in, they disguise who they really are in front of someone else, and lastly, they are everyone’s ‘friend.’ See why would you avoid this kind of person?


5. The ‘Sly’ Monkeys
Well, I wouldn’t mind being blunt, but these are the real crafty individuals who wouldn’t mind stepping on people’s paths just to outwit them, in any way they can, wicked or not.


6. The Leech
I wouldn’t mind you giving the adjective for a leech. They are this certain kind of people who tend keep on sucking out the good in everyone. He gets and gets, and gets, and he never cares until he has enough already.


7. The ‘Perfect’ Swan
Just like what the fable told, this type of people enjoy watching almost anyone’s close movements. They are the natural judges, they make you want to monitor your behavior every single second. They judge people firsthand, and you can’t even be yourself when you’re with this type of person all the time.


8. The ‘Mad’ Tiger
These are the kind of people who are always on the rage. They tend to over think things which causes their anger to rise every single time. This type of person can pent up his anger out of proportion in what’s happening to him. Beware of this type of person, they may swallow you with anger if you don’t quickly get away.


9. The Sloth
What could have been more lazier than a lazier sloth? These people are the most privileged in receiving things they never worked for. They are the pure and lazy couch potatoes who wait for miracles. You would never want to see your life plummeting down just because you hang out with these kind of people.


10. The ‘Selfish’ Lion
Frankly, these are the people who will do anything just to get whatever they want out of anyone else. Their primary priority in life  is their own good. These are the kind of people who are extremely stubborn. They will do anything just to show everyone that they are right, no matter what the cost. This people only pleases himself, thinking that he is superior over all beings. Think of that circumstance in human situation, no one would want that person to be his friend, if I may say.

How about you? Do you still know some animals who in case, might still be roaming around? These are the kind of people whom you wish to never have an encounter with. My dear friends, please feel free to share and tag this article to your friends in social media. Who knows? They may have been dealing with one of the persons described in this list.



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