10 Photos of Luxury Amid Pork Barrel Controversy

10 Photos of Luxury Amid Pork Barrel Controversy

Public servants are called such since they are expected to occupy an office that would serve the public by all means. It is a job that is not financially rewarding, supposedly, since they receive modest amount of salaries. Whether we like it or not, extravagance is really a no-no for people who were supposed to be part of the middle class. Let us not dismiss the fact that these people earn from show business, but are their earnings that much to spend this much on a life style? It is just a wonder to many how some of the controversial people in the Pork Barrel Scam were able to provide for their family with this much luxury:

Presenting the luxury bags of Cong. Lani Mercado:

Is that a Hermes Birkin bag?


Check out her Louis Vuitton.
filipino celebrities vuitton

What about her Chanel handbags?
jimmy-napoles-Ramon-Revilla-Jr-Lani-Mercado-Janet-Lim-Napoles Lani-Mercado-Chanel-Flap-Bag-3 RamonBongRevillaJr_LaniMercado2.JPG

If she can afford these, what can you say about Jolo Estrada’s luxury pics?

Here are some of his Instagram pics before their family was riddled with the Pork Barrel controversy. Thanks to the vigilant people who screen-capped theses photos before he deleted the Instagram account.

Some fashion statement here.


How about a weekend at the Presidential Suite of Manila Hotel?



Or a birthday Bash at Solaire?


A diplomatic passport? Isn’t that supposed to be for your dad?


Or maybe he doesn’t need that ’cause he can board a private plane.


With Filipinos dying of malnutrition and illnesses, with those barred by lack of education and unfair labor, with those who live on one measly meal a day, there are people who spend a fortune for luxury. Life isn’t fair, yes, but we can do something about it, can’t we?

*Photo credits to Fashion Pulis and Manila Speak

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