10 Philippine Unique and Epic Business Names

10 Philippine Unique and Epic Business Names

Filipinos really have a say when they name their businesses. In marketing your brand, to attract potential customers, creativity can be an asset to the huge difference of being successful. Needless to say, here in the Philippines, where most people seem to root their creativity elsewhere, we are obviously one of a kind. Here are 10 examples to show how unique and creative Filipinos are in naming their businesses:

1. Ang Kat Tea

001Nowadays, tea shop owners really love to play with the word “tea,” and this one nailed it!

2. Brew-Ha

002Well, this coffee shop in Bacolod will surely serve bewitching brews.

3. Bun Of Brothers

003This not so ‘battle-tested’ Marikina burger joint got its name from the WWII miniseries “Band of Brothers,” if I may say.

4. Eat My GF

004Garlic Fries were never put to malice ever since, not until this business cracked.

5. Ken Afford

005Delicious cheap eats always available for the students nearby.

6. Meats & Match

06Different meats and lots of choices to choose from, this Pampanga based restaurant will surely make a good match for you.

7. Tang Inasal

007This roasted chicken joint could have badly cursed all its customers, big time!

8. Obeertime

008Overtime for a beer, eh?

9. Tri Mo Shawarma Co.

009Bluntly, it’s pretty obvious that this rising restaurant in Quezon City wants you to try their shawarma.

10. Pork Barrel Grill and Restaurant

010Well, this business just proves one thing, there is ‘no such thing as bad publicity.’

That’s it! Did we miss anything? That’s just ten and we don’t really mind if you have anything more to add. If you think yours is that unique and epic enough, then don’t hesitate to count it in. We’d love to hear from you, so don’t be shy sharing your ideas with us.


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