Save The Beasts and Their Children

Save The Beasts and Their Children

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In line with the horror caused by power greed-related massacre in many war torn countries,  another head-shaking news is worthy to fear and hate these days.  This grisly one, however, is less-controversial and is happening in the dry boondocks of Arabs.  Talk of CAMEL’s death in silence – the friendly Beasts who’ve been strutting and adorning  the wilderness since the ancient time of Egyptian Pharaos &  Phropets.

The Great Ride

I was starstruck the first time I rubbed elbows w/ those cute monsters in flesh.  Had goosebumps when my soft bottom touches its hard and misshapen top.  While the hunchback is hot, the sagging throat is cool w/c,  accordingly, serves as their body’s built-in thermos.   It felt like I’m one of the Maggi-King  being heralded by the Star of Betlehem one so-called Christmas Day.  Not everybody’s privileged to see the “biblical horses” beyond the Saudi postcards and desert-shot movies,  or in the packet of  that aging cigarette brand of ours.

Yet in the dawn of modernity the desert ship were overlooked, remiss of its olden meaning &  present-day importance. They are now collapsing on their frail knees, ONE-AFTER-ANOTHER. Their breeds are dying and if the blatant disregard continues, they are sure to face extinction.

Heck, today’s mortals, apparently, are either blind or deaf to check on the slave’s muted screaming in pain and wincing in agony – too bad, in their dreadful falling in the burning sands –  lifeless . Thanks to the alarming news and images that came-out, yet seemed forgotten. UAE-based Scientist Ulrich Wernery were among those who first documented the gruesome findings enough to exhort the snoring authorities, individuals and business sectors alike on supermarket-bag spewing – so as to save the remaining wildlife and landscape from further doom.
Choked, Starved & Poisoned

Do you think the dead-meat sighting below an excellent omen of Camel’s candidacy for eternal retirement?


[Dr. Ulrich detaching plastic craps from a camel’s carcass]

Messy Affair

Upon post-mortem exam, a generous dose of non-biodegradable waste were found hoarding in the beasts’ super-size abdomens. By acceptable stupidity, the animals, who would practically eat anything their big eyes saw were smitten by the toxic substances they’ve mistaken for food to fill their hungry tummies.  By unacceptable stupidity, the same were ditched in-all recklessness by supposed smarter creature called humans – whose natural flair for messing the environment WHENEVER and WHEREVER they wishes to – are notorious and promising from generation to generation. TSK.


A taste-bud of potential camel “chow” left  in the open.

 Now or Never …

Hope this Garbage-eating of Camels  would cease – and so Men’s careless habit that seemed to die hard- VERY HARD. IF NOT, then there are 2 Options left for tomorrow: 1. enjoy ’em while they last. 2. or just enjoy seeing them in the postcards as they get closer to extinction.

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