Electric Chair returns in Tennessee’s Death Chamber

Electric Chair returns in Tennessee’s Death Chamber


Nashville:  Death for the great sinners in this part of Uncle Sam can get pretty weird after a Republican Bill has just been signed allowing the state to electrocute future inmates in death row.

A whopping Senate  and House votes have metamorphosed the deadly bill into a potentially, King’s  law. This is due to the nationwide scarcity of lethal injection drugs following a European-led boycott.  The  same likewise received media scrutiny prior  to execution’s unsuccessful attempts  like that of Rommel Broom who were pricked 18 times with needles – and the questionable 26 minutes gasping of Dennis McGuire before breathing his last, among others.


To date, there are 74 convicted prisoners  now in their 11th hour –  all in the sorry state and  still braving acceptance of their Earthly  fate.    However,  in parallel to them and  in the likes of baby murderer  Billy Ray Irick  whose capital sentence were given a long time back, he would be spared of  “the chair” come this 7th October had since the burning seat goes only to those who have made it to the  “outgoing list” – on or July of this year upon the unavailability of the killing drug,  as mentioned.

Tennessee is the first American state to enact a law that reintroduced  the electric chair without giving prisoners an option; Legal challenges of constitutional issues may arise if the State go through the controversial electrocution,” says Richard Dieter,  executive director of a non-profit organization that opposes the execution and the indignities it entailed for.

The almighty electric chair courtesy of inventor American Thomas Edison  has made its comeback here like a gleeful sadist – and promised it’s unfortunate victims unwanted shame and terror.

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