Broadway’s The Phantom of the Opera unmasked it’s first Black-Am “Phantom”

Broadway’s The Phantom of the Opera unmasked it’s first Black-Am “Phantom”

NORM LEWIS, a season stage performer has became a phenomenon when he earned last week the much-coveted title role in Broadway’s “The Phantom of the Opera” – a long-running classic-musical  with over 9,000 breath-taking performances in 26 years to date.


50 year old Lewis from Florida potrays his own rendition to Phantom’s gothic character and was well-geared to amuse the global audience with his unparalled genius in musical performing,  alongside his equally-brilliant co-star Sierra Boggess with the rest of an award-winning cast and symphony orchestra.  Prior to his meteoric rise to fame, Lewis appeared in renowned Broadway production i.e., Miss Saigon, Le’ Mis’erables, The Little Mermaid, among others.

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Norman Lewis & Sierra Boggess presented before the applauding crowd


 The New Panthom during his First curtain call


Broadway’s Theater  Marquee

 The Phantom of the Opera was based from the 1909 novel of French writer Gaston Leroux. The same was overshadowed by the overwhelming success of its various film and  stage adaptation such as Andrew Lloyd Webber‘s in 1986.


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