Angel Locsin and Mark Gil’s Controversial Scene in The Legal Wife – Should There Be Any Malice? (Watch the Video Here)

Angel Locsin and Mark Gil’s Controversial Scene in The Legal Wife – Should There Be Any Malice? (Watch the Video Here)

A certain scene on the hit prime time TV series, “The Legal Wife” have been generating a lot of buzz for quite some time now. It was supposed to give its audience a thrilling sensation wherein a raging Monica (Angel Locsin) came charging right into Nicole (Maja Salvador) when she found out about Nicole and her husband Adrian’s (Jericho Rosales) secreted and illicit love affair. During the heated confrontation, Monica lashed out some harsh words to Nicole. Her extreme anger towards Nicole made her want to lay her hands on the poor concubine which appeared to have some vicious intent.

Dante (Mark Gil) served as the mediator during that confrontation. He tried his best to disperse the two to avoid any sufferer. He went in-between them with the hopes of halting the fight. He did the right thing. If I were him, I will try to stop that cat fight as much as I could. But there’s a certain part of the scene which malevolently caught most of the audiences’ attention – the part where Mark Gil grabbed Angel Locsin to prevent him from hurting Maja Salvador. Mark Gil was seen doing some kind of a “frottage” which is defined as the practice of touching or rubbing against the clothed body of another person in a crowd as a means of obtaining sexual gratification.

Followers of the said TV series as well as some Netizens have expressed their dismay towards that particular scene, others became envious because Mark Gil appeared to have managed to get away with the act wherein he got a feel of Angel Locsin’s huge pair of alluring bosom. Other’s gave their sympathy to Mark Gil and they felt that it was unintentional. Some of their reactions regarding this controversy can be seen below:


Frankly speaking, I feel like it is just normal for an actor to encounter these kind of scenes especially during a fight where a woman is involved. It is hard to act naturally while cautiously avoiding to bump your co actress’ chest. It just so happened that Angel owns a huge pair of those and Mark Gil should not be blamed for that unfortunate instance (well I consider him lucky though) If I were him, I might be unable to resist seizing the opportunity to feel a girl’s asset especially if she’s named Angel Locsin. Just kidding, it is just part of my daily fantasies and I have no intention of doing such erroneous things.

Mark Gil is a proven actor. He came from a family of great actors who excel in their craft. I have nothing against him and I still give him my utmost respect. One thing’s for sure, he LOVES his job. =D

Before making your own conclusions, take a look at this controversial video first and figure out what the fuss is all about.


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