Andrea Torres Celebrates Her Birthday at New Hope SPEd Center

Andrea Torres Celebrates Her Birthday at New Hope SPEd Center

As her heart is as ever close to the special children because of her younger brother who had the special condition too, TV Actress and Host Andrea Torres spent time yesterday celebrating her 24th birthday with special children from New Hope SPEd Center, Quezon City.

With utmost help from the GMA Artist Center and special sponsors Petrol, Active White and Sundance, the simple celebration turned out a special one for the “angels” – as Ms. Andrea called the children.

The program started with a warm greeting from Ms. Andrea Torres, telling how her heart was softened to the special children as circumstances with her special brother realized. The program then continued with fun games for the children hosted by Tess Bomb.

Ms. Andrea Torres, who became quite emotional when some children greeted her over the microphone an expressive ‘Happy Birthday’, was very thankful for the teachers and all the children who made her birthday a very special memory to remember.

The program ended with a hearty lunch for the children with their gifts given by Ms. Andrea Torres herself. As for the children’s part, they gave a simple gift of artwork for Andrea which she addresses as a keepsake for her special visit at the foundation.

In the interviews after the celebration, Ms. Andrea Torres delightedly answered her inquirers. She says that this is her first charity work with special children and it was a great experience worth doing again.

When asked about her work and future projects, she proudly says that she will be in Cambodia this week promoting the franchise of “With A Smile” with Mikhael Daez. She then hinted that GMA Network stirs up a new project for her in the near future, saying that there were concepts, without any more detail specified.

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