An ExtraOrdinary Tales of Momhood

An ExtraOrdinary Tales of Momhood

Moms, no doubt,  are a special human being. Their tales are worthy to tell. But there are those whose stories are extra special and earned for their names a headline.  Brace yourself for these 3 amazing, unusual & mind-boggling motherhood Trivias worth checking out – in  lieu of the mother’s day long-month celebration.


old       Dec 2006: Madrid, SpainMrs. Maria Del Carmen Bousada’s record-breaking delivery to a Twin-boy had made the Spanish tabloid busy,  raised the country’s ecclesiastical eyebrows and angered her mystified clan.

Q: “How could an unmarried widow got pregnant if she’s been a menopausal for decades?

A: Nope,  she’s not a Virgin Mary of sort.  Blame it to the wonder of science who performed the pricey “miracle” for a staggering  $34,000.  The US-based Fertility Treatment Center – her freaking sperm supplier – had thought the well-pensioned woman was only 55.

It’s  her  nerve (that’s beefier than her backbone) to conceive, and great-love for the gift of life  that she stood defiant, firm  against all the snide remarks and hostility thrown at her.  The proud mama was pretty  hopeful  she would  live longer for the sake of her grandsons  sons.


1700: Russia.  In one of its sleepy-as a dog town once lived a woman with utmost numbers of odionne-quintupletsffspring ever-recorded by Guinness.  A peasant named after her intimately “hardworking”  husband – Mrs. Feodor Vassilyev, in 40 years (1725-1765) had 69 babies in 27 pregnancies.   According to the couple’s  baby auditor,  Mrs. Vassilyev’s record of birth deliveries are as follows:. SINGLE: 0,  TWINS:  14 , TRIPLETS: 7  and QUADRUPLETS: 4.  (2 babes were debited  in the journal for failing to see the light) (+).

The equal homage  were given as well to the energetic Mister for building and feeding a tribe in a joint venture  that surely gnarled her willing partner.  When Mrs. F.V. grew older,  tattered and perhaps, (just perhaps) biologically “unable”,   the no-way to Viagra hubby turned himself to another wifey  – and the rest, they say  is another history in the baby-making category.


LinaMedina5May 1939: Lima, Peru.  One can just imagine how  Lina’s parents gnashed their teeth in wrath upon learning their  grown-up baby will soon be having her own. @&*!..

Lina Medina (born Sept 1933) is the youngest confirmed Mama in medical history. At the outset , she was thought to be having a fatal tumor when her little tummy starts to balloon.  The world was shaken when her doctors authenticated a bitter truth – the five-year old kid is actually seven months preggy!Linamedina2

6 weeks later,  she has given birth to Baby Gerardo by, as expected,  caesarian procedure and the boy who grew up believing Lina was her  sister died at 40.

Freaked who the cold-blooded rapist of the poor girl is?  “Her Dad, crucify her Dad!”, roar the fuming public.  But because the gullible Lina vetoed to be grilled by the amusement-loving juries, her case was dismissed and now in parallel to the Ten commandments, – written in stone.  The 2 photographs here were saved  to remind the mankind of  the little mom’s harrowing experience.

These and more are classic tales of timeless theme of moms unbelievable courage to endure and survive through it all.

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