7 Filipinos Gets Into Mars One Project Narrowing List

7 Filipinos Gets Into Mars One Project Narrowing List

Not so soon enough, Filipino astronauts may have to hop on Mars’ bright red surface in 2024 as seven Filipinos passed third screening of Mars One’s candidates.

Recently, the three Filipino candidates who were announced first hand to made it to the list was added by four more fellow Filipinos as Mars One updated. Here are the list of achieving Filipino candidates:

  1. Michael Theodore L. Pias
    Profession: Physician in an oilfield
    Current Location: Oman
  2. Willard Sollano Daniac
    Profession: Electrical inspector at KAHRAMAA-Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation
    Current Location: Qatar
  3. Catherine Jane Franco
    Profession: Pre-production engineer in a PCB manufacturing company
    Current Location: Singapore
  4. Jaymee del Rosario
    Profession: President of International Metal Source
    Current Location: USA
  5. Duane Locsin
    Profession: I.T. support and hauler
    Current Location: Australia
  6. Gabrielle Angeli
  7. Minerva (no last name given)

In a report, Mars One stated that only 705 aspirants remain in the search. Consequently, a panel interview will resolve who gets to set foot at Mars on 2024. For each selected person, they will go through astronaut training before a take-off for the red planet for good.


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