Saints: Hot for Him!

Saints: Hot for Him!

Since I was a little boy, I desire to live life to the fullest. Initially, I thought that a fulfilled life means the experience of ephemeral worldly pleasure. However, I realized I was wrong when I encountered these exemplary people who lived life extraordinarily. They exerted all their efforts for the greater glory of God.

We can call them Saints, people burning with passion for Him, my role models in life. They had always been so tough and persistent in any life’s challenges and trials. Also, they tried their best to be more pleasing in God’s eyes despite human weaknesses. They journeyed life with Christ as an intimate companion making them victorious.

Each day, I tried my best to be like them. Every time I fall down, I remember them; their courage ,perseverance and determination to attain life’s fulfillment. I firmly believe that the path to sainthood is the best way to satisfy my heart’s desire. (with Jaymark Balabis)

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