Mind and wisdom

Mind and wisdom

I firmly believe that it’s a must for a person to learn, to improve his knowledge and capacity as well as to feed his mind frequently. There is no room for stagnation of thoughts and ideas. Obviously, these words are true and there is some weight on these statements. We’re not here living life just to relish its beauty, encounter persons and explore what is at hand. Above all, I should always take into consideration that I need to use the faculty of my mind as I venture in attaining wisdom.

There are so many things in this world which I really find so hard to understand. Some of it were just too obvious, however not so easy to grasp. My mind has its limit since I am not an omniscient being. For instance, I cannot realized the certainty of heaven and hell just by relying only to my reason. Yet, I am always hoping that someday I will be able to realize the answers to my inquiries and uncertainties. I am always praying that He’ll not just make me an intelligible person but also a man who is wise in every decision that I will make.

I am in search for wisdom, in order for me to see those things that are unclear and queer. I am in search for that wisdom that will guide my steps into the right path as I continue this journey. This venture on attaining wisdom will enable me to become a dignified and righteous man that will always be true to the word and to the things that I am doing. Moreover, i believe that it’s not effortless, achieving it will require a lot of sweating, pain and even bleeding. However, these will not hinder me to aim for it; I will grab it no matter what it takes. This should also be
part my daily endeavor.

All the more, life was granted for us because we are destined to be a being of wisdom. This is a gift of God that should be desired by everyone. Furthermore, He endowed me capacity to think and rationalize to help me out whit this task. Indeed, to live is to learn and to learn is to live. Becoming wise is a calling from our Creator, and it will only be possible if I will utilize the limitless aptitude of my mind. (with Jaymark Balabis)

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