iPhone Case and a 650K-volt Stun Gun in One

iPhone Case and a 650K-volt Stun Gun in One

The newest of its kind is available in the market for grabs, an iPhone case that also functions as a stun gun. Equipped with an electrode able of channeling 650,000 volts of electricity, this undercover iPhone case can stop attacks and preferably, and allow the owner to run and sought help.


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Yellow Jacket, LLC, the inventor of the versatile case, will provide the iPhone users a better notch of protecting their gadgets from attackers aside from imminent damage it may get. While it is this efficient, Yellow Jacket, LLC never forgot the stylish trends, because the case is offered in wide range of colors. Pink to blue and even to grey, say it; letting its owners jazz up their phones while altering it to a useful protective gear.


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This case is available for iPhone 4S, 5S and 5C, however, newer models are now in production to embrace a wider range of phone and gadgets.


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Safety Features

One can surely know how to use a stun gun. Consequently, this product includes a plastic electrode cover that must be removed in order to use the stun gun by pushing up the activation switch, which finally allows the electricity to flow into the case’s prongs.

However, if all features of the safety case is not prompted, the device then will surely not work. Therefore, danger to self or immediate people around will not happen.


Triggering up this device will deliver 650,000 volts of electricity to its prongs. Moreover, the prongs were relatively sharp, allowing it to penetrate to clothing, thus, providing maximum results, without having the worry of looking for some exposed skin.

Also, aside from the seen features, the device owner too gets the plus advantage of having an extra battery that extends the phone’s life for up to 20 more hours. Further, the case was considered to have a 10% power backup so that even when the phone’s battery is already drained, the stun gun will still be able to protect the user.


Obviously, this case bulks up the phone, making it an inch thicker and 4 ounces heavier. For most people who opt for light and thin mobile phones, this case is not a strong pursuit.

The case is not incorporated with water resistance when it is created. Also, the case interferes with the phone’s camera hindering the flash, and removing the top cliff will render the case useless.

Eureka Moment

Genius behind the case, inventor Seth Froom, was robbed at gunpoint in 2012. Although he owned a stun gun and firearms, he was only holding his phone at the time and has no way to defend himself when the robbers looted his home helplessly.

However, the horrible event of his robbing triggered a moment of eureka, so he developed such cases, or reasons he realized that people buy cases to protect the phones and not themselves. He believes that this product will protect both phones and their owners.

Up to now, the stun gun case is only offered in the US and international shipping is not available.



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