I’m Coming Back To Manila: Then and Now

I’m Coming Back To Manila: Then and Now

Many people say Manila was on its glory years way back when. Thinking of what Manila went through the years, generations of today never had a peek of luck on the myth of an Atlantic our old metropolitan had.

Some say Manila before had the vintage look of a Spanish expanse which I think was very cool, for yours truly is a proud legacy of his Spanish ancestors. Imagine that Vigan ambiance with a pinch of old America and Venice, how great was that? But to prove it dearly my friends, we are going to have a blast from the past! This backtrack will be accompanied not only by remnants of the past but with a travel to souvenirs of what we used to call today’s Manila.

Here are some photos:


Will I be able to recognize the old cars? Nah. But these models were of actually old Benz’s, Chev’s, and Beetles.’ As we can see, Jeepneys already roam, and the traffic is as smooth as soft serve curls look.


Before MMDA Traffic Enforcers and street sweepers exist, trash and dogged sidewalk vendors almost ebb the shining streets of Manila, which in return was almost compared to what is Singapore today.


Back then, best theatres were LYRIC, ODEON, IDEAL and STATE. There were less number of cars and double parkings. Also, one can even walk with his purse out without the worries of pickpocket’s attack. Moreover, much has been said on how clean Manila was before, much to expectations of beating Paris in line afore.


Believe it or not, this area was near Carriedo and Villalobos. Oh look, Jeepneys, as cozy and compact as before, were not overloaded.


Pasig River, was a blue to emerald green expanse of waves, it was clean and much more potable. In summer, it blooms with different breeds of violet and white water lilies, however this picture might have been shot on a September.

How about scenes from the old Roxas Boulevard, Avenida, Quiapo and Fort Santiago? Notice the marvel of blue seas, heavy traffic-free roads, and mood of a good city booming forth up to its glory.







BUT THEN, time progressed and technologies came. And Manila was never the same.

It was then Manila became so advanced and densely populated in the next few years that caused its slow and very painful decline.

Here are some proof:


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The all blue Manila bay in all of its glory is now in the tragedy of facing imminent probability of being called dead waters. As timely as it could be, any storm or typhoon that would hit the country particularly in the part of Luzon in Metro Manila could be a catalyst of inevitable flooding all throughout the area, which I strongly believe that doesn’t happen before. Because, some people nowadays never care where they should dispose their rubbish. Also, one absolute fact is that the number of population directly affects how many people throw garbage irresponsibly. Does that make any sense?

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Bumper-to-bumper, that goes usual by now as far as it can be considered. Large number of cars travel the before vast but now seem narrowed roadways.


Anyhow, we can’t just look on the gloomy side of our topic and grieve how our dear Manila extremely deteriorated over the past few years. Alongside with this is the rise of numerous business districts in different cities and the further development of patrimony our country had. Here are some of them:


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Up are photos of Eastwood in Quezon City, Bonifacio Global City in Taguig and Ayala Center in Makati. These are established urban areas for business and investment, which contribute greatly to its respective cities in terms of finance, economy and such. Others which may include the itinerary are Ortigas, Rockwell and Alabang.

This also include nature and recreational parks particularly La Mesa Eco Park and Rizal Park. Thanks for the generosity of big business names acclaimed internationally which commend the Manila we have never been so much closer.

la mesa eco park

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la mesa eco park2

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dancing fountain2

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Anyhow, whatever Metropolitan Manila have right now resulted inevitably from what we people have done over the course of time. From the unconscious proliferation of different deteriorations in it up to the late wake-up call and utmost efforts of bringing the glory back, we can never really care less right now. Here’s the big question: Will you be a part of the catalyst for good? Or bad?


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