Giant 3D printer: A 24-Hour House Builder

Giant 3D printer: A 24-Hour House Builder

Behrokh Khoshenevis, a professor in the University of Southern California, developed the giant 3D printer that can build an entire medium-sized house for less than a day. The mammoth 3D printer also known as Contour Crafting (CC) could construct a 2000 square foot house with plumbing and electricity utilities in it.


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“The new technology they call Robotic Construction System, aims to address problems that comes with constructing a house. This include labor-intensive, slow construction, hazardous, and corrupted budget,” Khoshnevis says. “CC replaced inefficient human workers and almost all the processes involved in constructing a house is automated, thereby, minimizing the labor,” he added.


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“Construction of a house is a very hazardous job, far more dangerous than mining and agriculture. In fact, it kills 10,000 workers and injures 400,000 yearly in US alone. This invention will greatly lessen these accidents.” Khoshnevis says.


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In war-torn countries and in disaster-ravaged regions, the Contour Crafting can produce noble homes to victims in record speeds.

Professor Khoshnevis and his team of scientists are looking at the future applications of this giant 3D printer in constructing structures on Mars and moon and in producing huge ceramic sculptures.



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