2014 Predictions by Paul Ng

2014 Predictions by Paul Ng

Predictions never ceases to drawn off the scale when a new year comes. Whilst some people are still stuck and are unable to move on from 2013, here we are looking forward on things to consider and ponder this 2014. Coming from the renowned geomancer and philosopher Paul Ng, here are some predictions from his system of constructing predictive figures according to the rules of earth magic:

In his Flying Star analysis, the manipulating force of the year is the “4-green” star which is the star of learning. Technically, this favors those who are thinking of getting in line with learning and such. It also slates that it has favored countries which are in the central and northern part of the world, the remaining parts obviously weaken. Along with this is the central governing force of “wind-mountain” trigram.

Analysis of Businesses

According to Paul Ng, concerning the patterns, it would do well if your business will involve the elements wood, fire and earth, while other elements such as metal and water is undesirable to the controlling power of the “4-green” learning. An imminent problem that has to do with patents and copyright is also observed.

Analysis of Politics

As the governing forces are observed, it also hints that in politics, countries this 2014 are still in waves, still lacking in trust among each other. Likewise, Southeast Asian countries were predicted to experience many political conflicts. Accordingly, these chinks in the armor of the east will give an edge to USA trying to get a foothold there. Volatility of the countries in Middle East to other countries will still be seen and civil wars are still ringing. Although, almost fortunately, a view to international wars is at bay, but is lurking to appear on the waves as well.

Analysis of World Economy

On economy, the manipulating forces of 2014 suggest innovations, that things getting usual will seek improvement. However, as these were requiring improvement, it would be harder for most of these to get and will need a lot of effort and brains to achieve. Accordingly, the economy the 2014 holds a positive outlook.

In Asia, China will still go boom on rates; Japan may have been suffering on an “Illness,” but Yen is seen to go up; Korea, although at the receding center, will still fare better than other countries; India, is seen to be the money center, along with the decrease in natural disaster; while Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia are also viewed as money centers.

USA, on the other hand, will still be leading in automobile and real state straight up to a good economy prediction, although recalls are peeking. In lieu, USA would enjoy ample income from weaponry sold to third-world countries. Above it, Canada will be a joy center, with its good relation to China, the development of their economy is also seen.

Contrariwise, Russian economy lingers to be unaffected by the rest, while growing on a very slow pace. At stake is Europe, which was seen to suffer many financial issues and law suits, but will still fare better than their performance last year.

Moreover, the Central BANK’s interest rates will remain to stay low and world-wide.

Analysis of World Climates

In the “Water-Thunder Reserve” level on the cycle that the world is still in, it is implied that water and thunder are mixed. Henceforth and still, natural disasters are to be expected. Plenty of earthquakes and flooding, thunder storms and lightning are coming.

In Asia, earthquakes are most expected in Iran, East of Japan, Central and South-Western China. These earthquakes are also predicted to come in Quebec, province of Canada.

Mid-West regions in USA will more likely to have a record year of tornadoes, and northern countries are incredibly seen to be hotter than last year and are subject to fire related problems. Southern-Eastern will have more thunder storms and flooding; Western to be prone on flood; and North-Western to be vulnerable on fire, specifically forest fires.

Over-all, it is assumed that problems concerning weather would be much less than last year.

Analysis of World Health

According to the forces, most common health issues will have to do in respiratory system, and are supposed to be highly infectious. Alongside with this, most of it will have its origin in the eastern regions.

Paul Ng’s statements conclude to the continuous transformation of the Yin (negative) and Yang (positive) energies and cycles that drives the manipulating forces here on Earth. He said that by acquiring knowledge in these rules of nature will instill discipline that can avoid hindrances therefore reaching success. He also said that these predictions can be of reference and guidance to his readers.



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